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Condemnation Law/Eminent Domain

Roland Stock, LLC  provides comprehensive representation to individuals, businesses and entities whose property has been condemned for public use. Pennsylvania condemnation law applies when a governmental body invokes its right of eminent domain against privately owned property. In short "condemnation" is the taking of private property by the government for the purpose of public use. The United States Constitution and Pennsylvania Constitution require just compensation when private property is condemned.

If the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation ("PennDOT"), or any other government agency wants to take your land or has provided you with a notice of condemnation, please contact us right away so we can protect your rights, obtain just compensation and/or preserve your property if the taking is not for a public purpose. Roland Stock is the most experienced condemnation law firm located in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Condemnation law often involves PennDOT, which is represented by the Attorney General's office. PennDOT will file declarations of taking, or in certain cases, might commit a de facto taking, which is an injury to your property without the actual taking of your property. The notice of condemnation will notify you of the condemnation. PennDOT or any other condemner will offer you its estimate of just compensation. This will usually not provide you with the maximum recovery for your property. Initial offers are often far less than market value. Property owners should retain an attorney to protect their assets, coordinate an accurate property appraisal and ensure that their constitutional rights are protected through the entire process, including negotiations, Board of Viewers hearings and trials. The law permits property owners to recover up to $4,000.00 in professional fees, such as attorney fees and appraisal fees.

Our Firm has represented private property owners against condemners, and on occasion has been hired by the municipalities to represent their interests. Our Attorneys know the governmental process and procedures and can counsel you on strategies to obtain the best recovery for the damage or loss of your private property. Jerry Richwine, an Of Counsel attorney to Roland Stock, also serves the needs of the firm’s condemnation clients. He represented PennDOT throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for nine years and maintained an active condemnation practice throughout Pennsylvania for more than 30 years.

If you have received a notice of condemnation, you need an attorney who understands real estate appraisals, the Eminent Domain Code, appraisal techniques, and engineering plans and who has experience in the industry and its contacts. Attorney Richwine has legal experience in this area of law and is ready to assist you. Our legal fees are calculated on a sliding scale based only on the amount of your recovery over and above the condemnor’s initial Estimated Just Compensation.

If you are facing a condemnation issue, please call our office; let our condemnation lawyers put their legal experience to work for you.