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One of the most common legal issues faced by both individuals and businesses is the collection of unpaid debts and the collection of judgments. The attorneys of Roland Stock, LLC understand the complexities that can exist in debt collection, and can help you evaluate your collection claims to determine the best course of action.
Our review of a collection matter begins with an analysis of the claim. This analysis involves a review of the facts surrounding a claim to determine both the likelihood of success and any potential complications with the claim, including defenses to a legal action. The attorneys of Roland Stock can also evaluate the claim to determine if there are any applicable laws that would allow you to obtain interest, attorneys’ fees, court costs, a wage garnishment, or otherwise assist in the collection of a debt.
Our attorneys can help you determine whether your claim requires legal action and, if so, whether it is appropriate to bring the action before the local district justice or in the Court of Common Pleas. Every collection claim is unique, and the attorneys of Roland Stock can help you to analyze and assess your claim in order to define a strategy for an efficient and cost-effective recovery of your debt.